We aim to give each human being the possibility to become a New Inventor.

New Ways of Working

We help and accompany (people in) organizations on their way to working independently, creating new user experiences and devising sustainable, future-oriented business models. We aim to empower and enable, not to consult.

Exploration and Documentary

Seeking solutions to the future of work and education, our questions have taken us on a two-year journey across the world. In an ongoing pursuit, we refine and supplement what we know. This knowledge informs each of our projects, allowing us to generate new approaches to the social and economic challenges of our time.

Lifelong Learning and the Future of Education

Because the future of work begins with the future of education, we invest money in the development of new educational models. We want people of all ages and backgrounds to have the chance to become new innovators and positively shape our rapidly changing environment.

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