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How can people and organizations reinvent themselves and change sustainably every single day?

By learning to learn! Since day one, this is why we have embarked on global expeditions to get to know thought leaders, and explore new places that inspire us and our customers.

Our expeditions have three goals

Building up knowledge

New strategies for learning and ideas for change management from all over the world help us to stay innovative and to effect change in better ways.

Create inspiration

Authentic stories of people and organizations that have successfully navigated radical change give us all the courage to change ourselves.

Expand networks

By connecting with practitioners, experts, and thought leaders around the globe, we never stop learning.

On our first expedition, we interviewed thought leaders of a new world of work.
What can we learn from them?
Future of Work Documentary The Goal

How will we work in the future? Are we going to run out of jobs? And if so, what would that mean for us as a society? With these questions in mind, we embarked on our first expedition and asked people all over the world how they imagine the future of work, and how they’re already living that future today! The result is five episodes of the FUTURE OF WORK – from Denmark, Spain, and the US.

Included: a visit to the engagement-driven Brightworks K-12 school in San Francisco, encounters with the creative industry in Aarhus, Denmark, and impressions from Detroit, a city in constant flux. Plus: a conversation with the digital-education masterminds from H-Farm near Venice, and thoughts on “world schooling,” an approach to learning that goes beyond standardized teaching formats and tests.

Our cooperation partners: the Alfred Herrhausen Gesellschaft, Z2X – Festival for New Visionaries (ZEIT Online), Work Awesome, (business festival organized by the digital association Bitkom).

Future of Work Documentary Alle Episoden

Episode 1: Detroit – A City in Transition

For the pilot of the New Work series, we traveled to Detroit. Since the 1980s, this American metropolis has been the most striking example of the decline of an entire region, the so-called Rust Belt. But despite the economic crisis, Detroit is and will remain a site for experimentation. Local initiatives defy their precarious situation with visions of an improved urban existence – conceptualizing urban farms, digital factories, and avant-garde art projects.

Episode 2: Godsbanen – Bridging the Gap

The second episode took us to Aarhus: In Denmark’s second largest city, digital (learning) workshops, so-called “fab labs,” have been springing up for years. One place stands out in particular: the Godsbanen cultural production center. In this 10,000-m2 former freight yard, young and old, beginners and professionals, artists and entrepreneurs all come together to be creative, make something of their own – and learn from one another. The recipe for this successful project? The right conditions and a healthy dose of personal responsibility.

Episode 3: Learn to Love Learning

San Francisco, Copenhagen, Aarhus: the third episode of the New Work series is all about the future of learning – and the places already reimagining education today. How does learning work without the classic lecture format? And how do you make schoolchildren and students fit for the modern world of work? In search of answers, we explore the Brightworks School in California, the Kaospilot school for creative leadership and meaningful entrepeneurship in Aarhus, and the Hellerup Skole in the Danish capital of Copenhagen. Each of these teaches one thing above all else: that learning is a community matter.

Episode 4: When Parents Become Teachers

Iñaki and Hazel have turned their backs on their lives in New York City – and thus also on the traditional education system: for two and a half years, the young parents have been traveling around the world instead. Wherever they find themselves that’s what they teach their three children – Alani (12), Amaia (10), and Iker (7) – about, using what is known as the “worldschooling” approach. Does it promote creativity and independence – or does it make you want to go back to conventional learning structures? A visit to Madrid.

Episode 5: Future Hubs

A camp where students meet companies and NGOs. An innovation space for digital education from kindergarten to your master’s degree. An experimental workshop where students rethink the future of the city. For the finale of the New Work series, we traveled to places where people learn to actively shape the future – from Veneto via Aix-en-Provence to Stockholm.