Open Positions

Our Values

“Over the last four years I learned so much and never stopped growing – thanks to regular time for reflection and a learning budget of a thousand euros, which I can invest in my own development.” – Cultural Co-Founder & Learning Designer
We keep experimenting and exploring, so we grow every day
“Unlimited vacation days, free disposal of my learning budget, and the ultimate freedom to decide my working hours and location allow me to design my work individually.” – Head of Operations
We create and live meaningful experiences to grow and connect
“We all want to work on becoming more sustainable. For us as a company, this means selecting customers’ projects that share our vision of a sustainable future and have the most positive impact on our environment. But it also means challenging ourselves and working to become a more sustainable organization.” – Aactionable Researcher
Our work strives for a sustainable future
Sustainable Action
“For me, meeting someone on equal footing means seeing and appreciating people – regardless of any hierarchies. This is deeply anchored in our identity and makes Forever Day One so special to me. Since day one, my opinion has been valued and included in decision-making. It’s as easy as that!” – Senior Consultant
No matter the position, we meet on equal footing
At eye level
“On my day one, I just jumped into the deep end and did things I’d never done before. Right from the start, my team lead gave me the confidence to grow into my role.” – Legal Counsel
We believe in ourselves and trust the world around us
“It is important to me that we as people and as a company stay true to ourselves and live our values. Sure, that’s not always easy – but in the end, that’s what makes us special. Shine on you crazy diamond.” – Media production
We are true to who we are