A documentary by Forever Day One in co-production with Deutsche Telekom about New Work.

What is it about?

Who has the power to initiate change? How much hierarchy and leadership do companies need? What do people enjoy about their work?

Everyone is talking about new work in large corporations and startups alike: flat hierarchies, flexible working hours, modern leadership. Behind the scenes, however, rigid power structures and old ways of thinking often still prevail. The documentary portrays people and companies that have set out on the path and dare to do something different. We meet pioneers of a new, more humane working world: at the startup Einhorn, the medium-sized family business Heiler Glas, the bicycle courier collective Fahrwerk, and the Deutsche Telekom Group. All of them show in their way that work can be done differently!

Watch The Movie: There You Go!

Our recommendation: Don’t watch the movie all by yourself, but invite friends and colleagues to a (virtual) cinema evening and collaboratively discuss the questions and exchange ideas afterwards.

60 minutes | 2020 | Germany | German, German with English subtitles

The Short Film: With Experts

The short version (20 minutes) places the models of working presented in the full movie in a larger context. In addition to the personal stories of employees from Heiler Glas, Einhorn, and Telekom, expert interviews shed light on the underlying issues and contexts in greater detail. Featuring: Frédéric Laloux, Katharina Hölzle, Theo Wehner and Sebastian Purps-Pardigol.

More Material

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English Poster | German Poster


Directed & produced by Ariane Doehring, Marlen Klaws
Editor Kathrin Unger
Director of photography Johannes Greisle
Sound Matthias Rupp, Elmar Szücs
Production coordinator Luise Hauschild
Colourist Aljoscha Hoffmann
Sound mixing & sound design Hannes Marget
Trailer editing & conforming Sarah Beekmann
Transcripts Theresa Thomasberger
Subtitles Rita Jordan, Julius Weigel
Music Viktoria Ventura
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