No one is too young to make a difference


To everyone who is currently sitting in school and wonders how to change the world.

Alex Deans

Alex Deans was 12 when he helped a blind lady cross a street. This seemingly small experience motivated him to teach himself programming shortly afterwards and to develop the iAid: a navigation device that enables all blind people to orientate themselves without help.

Thandiwe Abdullah

Thandiwe Abdulla (15) is a co-founder of Black Lives Matter Youth Vanguard; an LA-based movement working for social justice worldwide and within the African American community.

Melati and Isabel Wilson

Melati and Isabel Wilson were 10 and 12 years old when they started to create one of the biggest activist waves against the use of plastic. Their initiative for cleaning beaches and various government petitions led to Bali officially not producing a single plastic bag anymore. By 2021, all of Indonesia is expected to be plastic-free.

Mohamad Al Jounde

Mohamad Al Jounde was 12 when he had to flee from Syria to Lebanon. Like thousands of other refugee children, he was unable to go to school there. Together with his family, he built an educational institution in a refugee camp, which helps children there to learn, process and live a new life in an artistic way.

Natasha Mwansa

Natasha Mwansa, at the age of 18, is considered one of the greatest female role models in Zambia. Early on she discovered her passion for using the media landscape to reach masses. Meanwhile she is a successful journalist and one of the biggest advocates for children's and women's rights in her country.

Philo Farnsworth

Philo Farnsworth was 14 when he presented a simple idea to his teacher. Seven years later, it developed into the first electronic television. Again: 7 years later, it became the first electronic television.

And Greta.


All the skills, attitudes and strategies needed for people to become courageous enough to take the first step and proactively question the status quo while believing in their own strengths aren't being taught in school.

But: Shaping the future can be learnt.

W h a t

We have developed a programme that enables every child and young person to learn to shape their world - to perceive realities as changeable and to take responsibility for creating something new.


One week, school holidays 2020


Set up Basecamp

Get to know each other and find out what really drives you and triggers your intrinsic motivation. Focus: clear purpose


Explore the Future

Understand problems, explore the future, learn to learn and navigate complexity. Focus: self effective action


Creative Confidence

Define vision, access creativity, develop and test ideas. Focus: creative self-confidence


Materialise Ideas

Experiment with new technologies and materialise ideas. Focus: bias for action


Implement the Vision

Present concrete solutions, make a personal plan/vision for getting started. Focus: sustainable implementation

What we cover

I know who I am, what I want to achieve and how to make my vision explicit. Skills: Self-reflection / Self-motivation / Vision development



Self-effective Behaviour


I can navigate the complexity of my environment and actively increase both my productivity and my learning speed. Skills: Mastering mental models / Experiment / Learning to learn and work

I trust my creativity and know how to work constructively with others. Skills: Creativity / Empathy / Collaboration / Mindfulness


Get Creative

for Action


I dare to experiment and give my ideas and solutions a form. Skills: Materialisation / Material and How To Technology / Recombination

I make my vision realizable and know how to convince others of it. Skills: Communication / Strategic thinking and acting / Planning & Decision making


Sustainable Implementation

About us

Hi. We're Forever Day One. For the past two years we have been exploring places and meeting people worldwide who are driving change, creating new beginnings and shaping the future. The goal: to derive what makes them tick. Based on our knowledge, we advise organizations on future ways of working and then invest more than 60 percent of our profit in a new educational system. The Forever Day One Camps are a part of this.

Everything we do is an attempt to make the world a better place.

Preferably together with you.

Our Team

Helene combines the human with the technical side and ensures that each format is an enriching experience from start to finish. She's our glue.

Tobi is responsible for all our projects regarding learning, builds our educational programs and is an expert in innovative learning- and experience design. He's our team.

Moritz accompanies executives and CEOs on their learning journey and advises companies in times of rapid change. He's our visionary.

Marlen travelled the world for two years to explore the future of work and education - this knowledge is incorporated into the program development. She's our brain.


Giulio Bonanome

Bella Funck
Colearn and Hyper Island

Dave Strudwick
Plymouth Creative School of Arts, School for inspiring talents

Lene Jensby Lange
Autens Learning and HundrED

We are actively looking for cocreative partners of all kinds - in order to build a bridge between organizations and the next generation.

To bring together the people who decide, with those, who will one day shape what is being decided now.