We went on a journey, a journey towards change.

We’re getting to know the big machine,
learning how to make it change.
We’re learning in the center, at the edges –
the whole range.
We’re learning how to change our dreams.
Spying a path ahead – it gleams.

We’re peering into the future, we’re peering far and wide.
We’re adding windows to the castle we are building in the sky.
We’re making our way through all this fog, like everybody else.
We’re learning not to be like everybody else.
We’re learning to love what makes us stand out,
push boundaries without a doubt.

We’re learning to build a fire,
learning how to burn it bright.
We’re learning how to do without and make do as we might.
We’re learning how to grow, get real,
all while keeping a light touch.
We’re learning to say yes, say no.

We’re learning to ask much.
We’re gaining derring-do,
learning to stay true.
We’re learning about ourselves.
Learning to stay new and to have fun.
Learning to remember our day one.

We went on a journey:

We’re learning how to learn.
We’re reaching for the stars and learning everything in turn.