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Together with SIGNAL IDUNA, we’ve been working on building Germany’s most customer-centric insurance company since 2017. A project in which boldness, a willingness to change, and communication are at the top of the agenda.

Signal Iduna About our collaboration
“With Forever Day One, everybody here at SI learned to be radically customer-centric and digital. In our five-year transformation, for me as CDO Forever Day One has been a key piece of the puzzle from the jump – especially when we had to do something no one had ever done before. Together, we really had an impact: implementing pilot projects, enthusing people, and inspiring a broad willingness to change.” Johannes Rath
Chief Digital Officer (CDO)
Signal Iduna Pilot Projects

When you don’t know where to start, it’s best to start at the beginning: to prepare SIGNAL IDUNA for the future and deliver new customer-oriented products and services, we reimagined insurance’s digital added value. In agile, interdisciplinary teams, we designed a large, targeted transformation on a small scale – and thus established and standardized the company’s methodological and procedural approach for the years to come.

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We know.
Signal Iduna Focus: Claims Service

Thanks to a close cooperation between strategic designers, agile coaches, and developers, we launched one of the best claims services on the German insurance market in just six months. And that’s just the beginning: after another year of scaling, new features and automated functions are still being added.

Signal Iduna Top Talents for the Digital Age

How do you gradually step up work processes originally conceived on a small scale? How do you turn a pilot project into a new digital routine? At SIGNAL IDUNA, as at many other companies, there was a lack of experts in digital product development to make this transition. For two years now, Forever Day One has been helping to integrate young self-starters from a top talent pool into SIGNAL IDUNA’s individual chapters and implementation teams. In addition to technical excellence, this is also about cultural fit: our talents, more than 25 of which might be in play at the same time, are all about user-centeredness, agility, and New Work.

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“In my 39 years at Signal Iduna, I’ve never had such a great training experience – with Forever Day One, I for the first time questioned beliefs that had been embedded in my mind and body for years, giving me the courage to choose a new path. I never felt like I was learning from ‘outsiders,’ but from friends.” Antje, employee
“Through working together, I felt brave enough to try new things and take my first steps towards an agile way of working. Through our workshops, I learned to always incorporate new impulses into my daily work!” Jennifer, employee
“Even the best organizational structures are useless if people don’t live them. Forever Day One really enhanced my intrinsic motivation, pivoting and improving it. As a manager, I felt that really opened my eyes.” Frank, manager
“Forever Day One was an essential source of inspiration and supported me in establishing user-centered ideas and practices as an essential natural attitude in my area of responsibility.” Detlev, agile coach
“The workshops taught me what innovation means in playful and practical ways. I especially enjoyed the relaxed and friendly atmosphere.” Svea, trainee
“Through Forever Day One, I really understood the importance of customer centricity.” Bruno, trainee
Signal Iduna Help Shape the Future

Every change in a company requires one thing above all: good communication. Since day one, we’ve therefore been working with SIGNAL IDUNA’s Chief Technology Officer to make the company’s change in strategy tangible for all employees – and to enable Executives, as well as trainees to participate, help shape this process, and be creative themselves. Leadership conferences, ecosystem journeys, design sprints, expeditions, upskilling and strategy-experience formats are only small parts of our program. Since 2018, our future-of-work infrastructure has reached around 700 employees – making a measurable, sustainable impact.

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Signal Iduna Strong Partners

Challenging yourself, collaborating pragmatically, but also tackling problems from different perspectives: all of this defines our cooperation with the Boston Consulting Group (BCG) – making our work with SIGNAL IDUNA more effective. With BCG driving strategy and restructuring, and Forever Day One as the point person regarding actual implementation and change, we developed the perfect symbiosis to support customers in the best possible way.