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How can you learn to learn?

Since 2020, we’ve accompanied Porsche on its journey to becoming a learning organization, empowering a large number of employees to effect change themselves.

Porsche About our collaboration
“Together with Forever Day One, we took the first step towards a new learning culture in our company. With the Online Learning Lab, we not only developed a unique, experience-based learning format, but also created the basis for the #neverstoplearning initiative. With these formats, Forever Day One combines inspiring input, professional excellence, and conceptual savvy in order to create motivating and effective learning experiences.” Katrin Aufenanger and Matthias Görtz
In charge of learning design and knowledge campaigns at Porsche
Porsche The Project

How do you future-proof a company? And how can a global player keep reinventing itself? In our collaboration with Porsche, we delve into these questions with decision-makers and employees – preparing them, as a “learning organization,” to always be one step ahead. The three central points that increase, and make full use of, the opportunities in employees’ learning and knowledge potential are:

Growth Mindset (the intention): What if everyone believed they could learn anything – and translated their ideas into personal growth with nerve, drive, and strength?

Learnability (the ability): What if all employees were self-directed, effective, and motivated to learn new skills as well as new ways of knowing, thinking, and behaving?

Self-Leadership (the action): What if everyone knew how to use their energy in targeted ways and was able to increase their own resilience through routines and protocols?

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Porsche Das Online Learning Lab

Toolboxen & Frameworks: Exercises help learn on the job and develop new toolboxes.

Peer Learning Sessions & Community: Peer learning, learning coaching, and a team community make it possible to learn from each other.

Inputs & Live-Sessions:  Interactive live formats with strong storytelling motivate a joy in learning.

Content & Learning Kits: Complex topics are broken down and thus more easily accessible.

Strategic learning projects: Self-chosen projects are at the core of project-based learning.

Workbooks & Learning Boxes: (Digital) learning experiences are expanded through haptic elements.

Porsche Das Online Learning Lab

Learn, learn, learn: in the Online Learning Lab, together with Porsche, we teach employees how to effect change over a period of six weeks. The lab combines easily accessible content, weekly inspirations, and practical applications – while also enabling participants to learn from each other. Central to this is our unique learning design, which combines different learning formats in new and effective ways:

Porsche The #neverstoplearning Hub & Community

An interactive digital toolkit with a moderated digital community and the opportunity to learn from your colleagues? With the #neverstoplearning hub, we helped Porsche make this possible for all its employees. The platform collects all content related to learnability, the growth mindset, and self-leadership, enabling all participants to learn effectively and strengthen their skills.