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Every exploration starts with the question: Who has the power to effect change?

For Deutsche Telekom, we shot a documentary on the subject of “New Work.” Our central questions were: What does good management look like? And, in the 21st century, how can teams organize themselves and take on more responsibility of their own?

Deutsche Telekom The Project

People have long been talking about the “New Work” concept. But few of it is ever put into practice. Old hierarchies, analog working methods, and fossilized mentalities still dominate – and not only at traditional companies, also at many younger ones. So how will we finally achieve this new, more humane world of work that everyone’s talking about?

In the There you go! Documentary, we present people and companies who dare to really do things differently. We meet pioneers of a new, alternative world of work, both at large companies and from the start-up world: from Deutsche Telekom and the mid-market family business Heiler, to the start-up Einhorn and the bicycle couriers’ collective Fahrwerk. Each in their own way shows that there are different ways to work!

Flat hierarchies, flexible working hours, new management styles, meaningful employment
is this the future of work?
Deutsche Telekom In Detail

The There you go! project was co-produced with Deutsche Telekom and resulted in two documentaries. The approximately 60-minute version features people who are really changing the world of work, giving us exclusive insight into their companies and working methods. A shorter, 20-minute in-depth doc tackles the scientific context of “New Work.” It features renowned experts from science and business, including Frederic Laloux, Katharina Hölzle, Sebastian Purps-Pardigol, and Theo Wehner. There you go! celebrated its virtual premiere in March 2021 and will be freely available online for everyone from this summer onwards.

Deutsche Telekom Shaping New Work (Mini-series)

In three episodes, the mini-series accompanying the documentary There you go! addresses issues surrounding the topic of new work: From Deutsche Telekom to the medium-sized company Heiler Glas to the start-up Einhorn in Berlin, topics such as leadership, personal responsibility, motivation and the challenges and difficulties of change processes are discussed. The answers are as diverse as the protagonists.