A selection of our projects

The bank’s future

Strategizing for the future, communicating clearly, turning company talent into entrepreneurs – as a partner of Deutsche Bank, Forever Day One is working on transforming Germany’s largest financial institution.

Deutsche Bank About our collaboration
“Forever Day One helped me to generate greater acceptance for changes and long-term transformations within Deutsche Bank – and gave me the courage to start new initiatives. They helped us design and implement individual solutions from scratch, solutions that have over the past few years become integral parts of Deutsche Bank’s transformation. In our cooperation, I appreciate their honesty above all, however uncomfortable that might be at first. With Forever Day One I’ve initiated projects that I’d never have conceived of implementing in that form, and that I’m now very proud of.” Benjamin Alka
CFA – Chief of Staff / Managing Director, Deutsche Bank
Six batches with over 220 intrapreneurs from all fields and regions
Over 1000 qualitative customer interviews
35 new business models, 6 of which were pursued and implemented
30000 enthusiastic interactions on LinkedIn
Deutsche Bank The DB Intrapreneur Initiative

How do you turn employees into entrepreneurs within your own company, and enable them to develop and implement new (digital) business models for and with customers? With the DB Intrapreneur Initiative, we asked precisely that question and supported Deutsche Bank employees in developing their own business ideas. By now, our pilot project has caught on across the board – and Deutsche Bank itself is now rolling out the Intrapreneur Initiative internationally.

Deutsche Bank The Senior Leadership Team

To unify a newly composed 18-person management team in a joint strategy and enable them to then successfully implement it, we designed Deutsche Bank’s first off-site meeting. Our idea: The management team’s meeting should begin with a “Radical Truth Session” to set the agenda for the following two days. The result: Instead of time constraints and proxy wars, there was a burst of creative energy and a common desire to stay on the same page during one of the most critical moments at Deutsche Bank – and to stay frank and on equal footing when it comes to the issues that really matter.

Think big
without losing the individual
Deutsche Bank Positioning Deutsche Bank at Davos

Since 2019’s World Economic Forum (WEF), Forever Day One and the Meiré und Meiré agency have been supporting Deutsche Bank in its preparations for the World Economic Forum every year – and in positioning themselves clearly vis-à-vis its most important customers and stakeholders at Davos. The goal: To ask the unpleasant questions (“Is growth just an illusion?”) and to open up a space for customers, scientists, entrepreneurs, and politicians to jointly find solutions for the most important topical economic and social issues.