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No one is too young to effect change.

At Forever Day One’s Day One Camps, children between the ages of 12 and 18 learn how to critically reflect on their own ideas, fully exploit their potential, and systematically put them into practice.

Day One Camps About

The consequences of the Covid-19 crisis, environmental pollution, economic inequality: these are just some of the major challenges the next generations will face. But how do we enable young people to become part of the solution today? With our Forever Day One Camps, we help students take up responsibility early on and work in a solution-oriented manner. Because we believe that young people have the greatest potential to change the world for the better. The camps aim to:

develop new (growth) mindsets, i.e. to sharpen ways of thinking and tenets that make it easier for students to implement change;

develop undiscovered skills, such as the ability to work in a team and reflect, as well as stamina;

and learn tools and methods to sustainably implement future-oriented ideas.

The revolution
starts small
Day One Camps Cooperation with HORNBACH

Sustainability, upcycling, and do-it-yourself: these and much more were on the agenda at the first Day One Camps in cooperation with HORNBACH. Equipped with professional tools and second-hand furniture, and under the guidance of professional learning guides, students from four different schools learned what it means to work with your hands – and to let your own creative ideas run wild. The result? A fall break none of them will soon forget and the realization that nobody is too young to effect change!

Day One Camps Innovation partners needed!

In order to enable young people to actively shape the future, what’s needed are innovative and sustainable learning concepts – and pronto! And who better suited to help develop these concepts than future-oriented companies and courageous young people themselves? This is exactly why Forever Day One is looking for innovative partners who see a close alliance with future generations as an opportunity, and want to become part of the solution. “You can learn to shape the future” – and in our future we want to inspire as many young people as possible.